I am an amateur philosopher/psychologist who loves writing about a variety of themes and questions in the essay form. I have worked for thirty years as a professional singer/guitarist. I find that foreign travel is as educational as reading and writing, if not more so. Thus, I like to explore the world beyond the U.S., whenever I can.

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh you are having fun in the realms of thinking. Thank you for inviting me to read. A mental massage! And a reminder how limited has been my scholarship. Preference has always been experiential for me. Ah, well, we have a Jungian association here with a quite good library.

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  2. Paul, Thank you for the invitation into your mind :). I might eventually share a bit of mine on here, if it’s okay. I have never blogged and honestly don’t know how to start a website, so pardon my lack of technological savviness. I love reading and you sound like you have lead a very full and interesting life so far. Looking forward to reading.


  3. Wow… just, wow… I have been reading your thoughts, and reading even more lately… You have some very interesting ideas and make some very good points in psychological or philosophical domains… Thank you, Paul, for inviting me into your blog… Aliun.


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