Bodymania (2/21/14)

What folly it is to persistently preoccupy ourselves with the body—obsessing over its general state of health, its diet, its size and shape, its comfort levels, etc., etc., etc! Viewed from the heights—or, if you prefer, from the depths—the body is, properly speaking, no more and no less than a ‘staging area’ for the indwelling consciousness. And it is this—the consciousness—that we should principally be attending to, or, if you prefer, preoccupied with. In former times, there was the notion of the body as the ‘tabernacle of the spirit.’ What a distraction from far more important and fruitful endeavors this epidemic preoccupation with the body’s looks, state, posture, comfort, smell, and so forth, is! No one is recommending that we ignore, deplore, or abhor our bodies—which would be unnatural and ultimately just as distracting as the vice of exalting its importance. Only, let us never forget that there is a mercurial soul hidden somewhere in that lovely or homely, svelte or flabby, fragrant or reeking body of yours—and that soul might be starved for attention and for just a fraction of the worry and care you lavish upon the vehicle whose real purpose is to house and convey the soul through its all too brief pilgrimage through this strange and fluid realm called ‘the world.’

All too often what we see are overpriced luxury vehicles with tinted windows driving their proud (but actually quite stunted and pusillanimous) owners a very short distance each day—from the garage to the reserved parking spot at the office, where it can be prominently displayed—perhaps drooled over—or drooled on—by those who can only dream of owning such a ride. What a waste of unrecognized potential.


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